How to Ensure You Claim Your Frozen Pensions When Moving Jobs

02 December 2013 - Posted by ebaxter
"Forgotten pensions are billions in total Auto-enrolment set to increase that number A couple of decades ago it was the norm to leave school, find a job ...

Investors Are Ignoring the Value of Paid For Advice

19 September 2013 - Posted by ebaxter
A survey by market research specialists GfK on IFA servi...

Flat Rate Pensions Part 2

19 March 2013 - Posted by ebaxter
Last month we blogged about the government's hesitation to bring in the flat rate p...

Pay less tax - If Starbucks can do it then why cant you

11 March 2013 - Posted by ebaxter
Paying less tax isn't just for the large corporations Take the time to check your tax and potential benefits Take professional advice to show you areas you m...

What Are Trust Funds

28 February 2013 - Posted by ebaxter
If you have children or grandchildren then you might consider setting up a trust fund to ensure an amount of financial stability for them in the future.  The basic concept of a trust is quit...

Retire Away Or Stay In Sheffield

21 February 2013 - Posted by ebaxter
The benefits of retiring in Sheffield Why moving house could be more expensive than you think The risks of downsizing as a way to support your pension

Tax Saving Tips For Landlords

16 February 2013 - Posted by ebaxter
Landlords are entitled to claim a number of expenses Learn how to make tax savings on your properties If you rent out a property then there are number of ways...

Why Arent We Saving For The Future

11 February 2013 - Posted by ebaxter
Automatic enrolment has been introduced because only 40% ...

Recovering from Christmas: how to save money in the new year

14 January 2013 - Posted by ebaxter
The festive period is a great time of year, but creating the magic of Christmas comes at a price.  If you’re suffering the financial hangovers of the holidays and gearing up for the dr...

What Powers Does The Pensions Regulator Have

31 January 2013 - Posted by ebaxter
The Pensions Regulator is a non-departmental public body set up primarily to prevent problems occurring within the pension sector and for priv...