Chancellor Osbourne Scraps 55% 'Death Tax' Putting Annuities in the Crosshairs

22 October 2014 - Posted by ebaxter
The latest announcement from Westminster regarding pensions is that from April next year the cheerfully monikered ‘Death Tax’ will be abolished in certain cases. It is the latest in t...
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The 12 Rules Retirement Guidance Partners Must Obey

29 August 2014 - Posted by ebaxter
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has been given a new role to set, maintai...
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Dont Think Pensions Think I want...

22 July 2014 - Posted by ebaxter
There is much being thrown about in the financial press about pensions. So much it’s hard to disseminate and glean anything sturdy and useful in real life terms. Since the changes ...
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4 Retirement Expenses You Will Not Want to Think About But Probably Should

24 June 2014 - Posted by ebaxter
When most people think of how they’ll spend their retirement, they are likely to dream of relaxing holidays and meals out, more family time and pursuing their hobbies. Spending money on the...
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Why Downsizing is Not the Best Way to Boost Your Pension Pot

05 June 2014 - Posted by ebaxter
If you’re worried about struggling financially in retirement, then you might have thought about downsizing your home as a way to free up equity and potentially even live mortgage free. A re...
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A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned for Your Pension

30 May 2014 - Posted by ebaxter
Benjamin Franklin once said “A penny saved, is a penny earned” and this advice has never been more accurate when it comes to pensions. A recent report by Tags: Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Savings

10 Things to do in Sheffield this Summer

21 May 2014 - Posted by ebaxter
Explore the Steel City Sheffield is a wonderful city which is packed with things to do, especially if you have time on your hands in retirement. We've had a look at what's on o...
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Annuity Rates Recovered But Do Not Be Complacent

04 February 2014 - Posted by ebaxter
Reports from the BBC have highlighted the first positive news in a long time on annuity funds as 2013 marked a recovery for annuity funds...
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Taking Care of Your Health After 50

03 February 2014 - Posted by ebaxter
Many life insurance schemes, pension plans and annuity funds can be affected by your health so taking care of yourself could improve your finances as well as your wellbeing. For example, if you s...
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Life Coaching Tips for a Successful Retirement

21 January 2014 - Posted by ebaxter
Main facts:
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