How does early retirement affect my pension

05 January 2017 - Posted by ebaxter
What is ‘early’ retirement? <...

How Pensions are Affected by Bankruptcy and Insolvency

11 October 2016 - Posted by ebaxter
Financial problems can hit companies and individuals alike. This guide will lay out what it means for your pension if the company you work for becomes ins...

Expat Pensions Frequently Asked Questions

19 September 2016 - Posted by ebaxter
Q: What is a Double Tax Treaty (DTT)? In some cases, income earned is taxed both in the UK and the country in which you are a resident. DTTs are set up between the UK and c...

Company Pension FAQs Part 2

05 August 2016 - Posted by ebaxter
What is NEST? NEST stands for the National Employment Savings Trust and is a scheme set up by the Government to ensure all employers can access low-cost pensions so they can meet their aut...
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Company Pension FAQs - Part 1

22 June 2016 - Posted by ebaxter
At what age can I claim my company pension? This will depend on the retirement age at your company. Usually this is 60 but it can vary from company to company so speak to your HR team to ...
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Pension Liberation Scams - What You Need To Know

18 April 2016 - Posted by ebaxter
Since April 2015, it has been possible to access your whole pension after the age of 55, which has been a very welcome change for many people; however, this can come at a cost. Scammers are...
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Pensions Past Present and Future

29 February 2016 - Posted by ebaxter
Pensions: Past, Present and Future Pensions, and saving for them, can be confusing. Nowadays, some financial security in old age is guaranteed, even if it is small. However, our ancest...
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Pensions and You: 4 Age Groups and What You Need to Know

20 January 2016 - Posted by ebaxter
Please click on the image to see the full size infographic. Pensions and You: 4 Age Groups and ...
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Safer Investments: Choosing A Regulated Financial Adviser

12 November 2015 - Posted by alight
What is an IFA? An IFA is an Independent Financial Adviser, and is best suited to giving advice related to Investments & Pensions. An IFA will tailor their advice for you from the ...
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Starting Pensions in your Twenties

03 December 2014 - Posted by ebaxter
If like me you started your corporate career over 15 years ago, chances are you’ve got at least one historical pension sat somewhere, if not more. I know I have one with Aviva from back wh...
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