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What do we do?

"We manage your investments
and Review your pension"

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How do we make your
pension perform better?

I need an IFA because:

"My pension will fall short of my expectations!"


A recent survey of 55-64 year olds revealed...

that over half worried their pensions would fall short
of expectations... and that they wont get enough
income in retirement!

Making your money work harder for you while you
are still at work is essential. Find out how we can do it
for you on our Pensions Page.

I need an IFA because:

"I don't wish to keep working in retirement"


In a recent survey 56% of people expected they
will have to continue working in retirement:

Let's be honest, that's not an appealing prospect!
Especially as most of us aspire to early retirement!

Get in touch to see how we help secure your retirement, and your future.

I need an IFA because:

"I'm not happy with my 
insurance company's 
managed fund"


Did you know over the last 5 years the average
annual performance for funds in this sector is
just 1.6% PA

Funds managed by
Campbell Harrison: 10.5%!

I need an IFA because:

"I want high growth
from my 
pesion fund"

"…I like managed funds,
they're really low risk"

Did you know that in 2008 the average fund in
this sector lost over 25%. Is that really low risk?

In 2007 Campbell Harrison's managed fund outperformed the
average fund as expected, but, in 2008, when the recession hit, our
fund only dropped 7.7%. The average fund dropped 25.5%!

I need an IFA:

"But only if it doesn't cost me too much money"

An initial meeting with us
is FREE; as is our report

We will always agree our fee with you in advance too. And, it can even come out of your pot rather than your pocket.

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Either pay more money in,
or make it work harder!

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